Virtual Field Trips Are Designed to Meet Many AZ Science Standards

Each of our Virtual Field Trip modules - including the video, activities, and LIVE session - has been designed specifically to meet AZ Science Standards on a variety of topics including habitat, adaptations, maturation, range, social dynamics, and many more.


Specific AZ Science Standards Met By Each Module:

Grades K -2

K.P2U1.1, K.L1U1.6, K.L1U1.7, K.L2U1.8
1.L1U1.6, 1.L2U2.7, 1.L2U1.8, 1.L3U1.9, 1.L4U1.10, 1.L4U3.11
2.EU1.5, 2.E1U3.7, 2.L2U1.9, 2.L2U1.10

Grades 3-5

3.E1U1.4, 3.L1U1.5, 3.L2U1.6, 3.L2U1.7, 3.L2U1.8
4.E1U3.9, 4.E1U2.10, 4.L4U1.11
5.L3U1.9, 5.L3U1.10, 5.L4U3.11, 5.L4U3.12

Grades 6-8

6.L2U3.11, 6.L2U3.12, 6.L2U1.13, 6.L2U1.14
7.E1U1.6, 7.L1U1.8, 7.L1U1.9, 7.L1U1.10, 7.L1U1.11
8.E1U3.8, 8.L4U1.11, 8.L4U1.12

High School (9-12)

HS.P1U3.4, HS+C.P1U3.8, HS.E1U3.14, HS+E.E1U3.10, HS+E.E1U3.11
HS.L2U3.18, HS+B.L2U1.1, HS+B.L4U1.2, HS.L4U1.27, HS+B.L4U1.13, HS+B.L4U1.14


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