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Arizona seal from OdySea called to duty in Washington, D.C.

Rabbit, a 11-year-old harbor seal, is now on loan to the Smithsonian National Zoo where he will serve as a companion animal. Rabbit was one of OdySea aquarium’s most popular seals, but the 11-year-old harbor seal has been called to duty. He traveled across the country this week to become a companion for 35-year-old Luke,… Read more »

KTAR News: Get a look inside Scottsdale’s new OdySea Aquarium

  The new OdySea Aquarium is now open in Scottsdale, so what exactly does it take to keep more than 30,000 sea creatures in the desert? “We have over 40 animal care specialists that work around the clock, 24 hours a day,” said Greg Charbeneau, vice-president and general manager of the OdySea Aquarium. “They care… Read more »

OdySea Aquarium drops $1M to add 16 new exhibits

In February we were featured in the Phoenix Business Journal. You can find the full article here. The OdySea Aquarium seems to be non-stop with its development. In the midst of lead developer Dr. Amram Knishinsky’s plans to turn the 200,000-square-foot aquarium and its fellow attractions into a full-fledged theme park— despite public criticisms —… Read more »

Scottsdale Rotarians Enjoy an Oceanic Adventure

Scottsdale Rotarians Enjoy an Oceanic Adventure In January we were covered by the Scottsdale Independent. You can find the full article here.  Amram Knishinsky, owner/developer of OdySsea Aquarium in Scottsdale and principal of Butterfly Wonderland, LLC spoke to the Rotary Club of Scottsdale members and guests at a luncheon meeting held Monday at the Scottsdale McCormick. Rotarian Rachel Sacco introduced Dr…. Read more »