Group ticket rates are available to those in a group of 20 people or larger.

Use the form below to schedule your Group visit to OdySea Aquarium.

Remember and please note that if your number of students drop, you will need to adjust the included chaperones according to the ratio. Additional parents are welcome to join you, but must pay the discounted rate of $25 plus tax ($26.99 total) each. If you are collecting money from students and parents for the admission cost, there will be a tax of 7.95% added to the order!

No outside food or drinks (besides bottled water) are allowed inside the aquarium. Groups may bring sack lunches and snacks to eat before entering or after they finish their tour of the aquarium, but please note that we do not have a place to store the lunches. Lunches should remain in the cars (or in backpacks that you carry) until after the tour of the aquarium.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Michele: 480-291-8246
Email: [email protected]

Matt, Cadia & Ben: 480-291-8245
Email: [email protected]

Lisa: 480-291-8195
[email protected]

We look forward to your visit!

With kindest regards,

AP & Group Sales Coordinator and the
OdySea Aquarium Education Department